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Ready to Serve Tex's Crispy Green Salad 🍲

Tex's Crispy Green Salad 🍲. . Today we will prepare Tex's Crispy Green Salad 🍲 for my friends.

Tex's Crispy Green Salad 🍲

Tex's Crispy Green Salad 🍲

You can simply cook Tex's Crispy Green Salad 🍲 in 7 ingredients and only 6 steps. Here is how you can simply do that.

Ingredients of Tex's Crispy Green Salad 🍲

1 About 1/4 head of iceberg lettuce.
2 It’s 1/8 head of red or white cabbage.
3 Take 1 of good-sized carrot.
4 About 5 of cherry tomatoes, baby plum tomatoes, or 1-2 medium sized tomatoes.
5 About 2 inches of English cucumber.
6 Prepare of Your choice of herbs and garnish according to the main ingredient of your meal.
7 You need to taste of Sea salt and ground black pepper to taste.
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Tex's Crispy Green Salad 🍲 cooking instructions

Step 1 Slice the lettuce and cabbage crossways then tear into a bowl.
Step 2 Wash carrot then grate in unpeeled.
Step 3 Slice the cucumber lengthways into half, then scrape out the seeds and the fleshy middle. Chop and place on kitchen paper to soak up excess juice, preventing the other salad ingredients from becoming soggy.
Step 4 Add the whole cherry, or baby plum, tomatoes to the bowl or slice in half and allow to sit on kitchen paper for a couple of minutes. If using larger tomatoes, deseed and cut them into segments according to your preference.
Step 5 Chuck all ingredients in to the bowl, season, and add your choice of herbs and/or dressing. Toss in the bowl..
Step 6 Garnish and serve.

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