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Easy to Cook Sig's German Bagel and Bretzel Stuffing

Sig's German Bagel and Bretzel Stuffing. . I will guide you to make Sig's German Bagel and Bretzel Stuffing for my son.

Sig's German Bagel and Bretzel Stuffing

Sig's German Bagel and Bretzel Stuffing

You can easily cook Sig's German Bagel and Bretzel Stuffing in 14 ingredients and 11 steps. Here is how you can simply cook that.

Ingredients of Sig's German Bagel and Bretzel Stuffing

1 Approximately 450-500 grams of bagels and/ or large bretzels in total weight.
2 About 4 of crusty rolls from day before.
3 You need 1 of good handful of flatleaf parsley.
4 It’s 1 tbsp of dried wild garlic or 1 clove of garlic finely minced.
5 Approximately 1 of large white onion.
6 It’s 1/2 liter of full fat milk.
7 Prepare 4 of medium sized fresh eggs.
8 Prepare 6 leaves of fresh sage or 1/2 teaspoon dried sage (optional, to ta.
9 You need 1/2 of crisp apple finely chopped up into small pieces.
10 It’s of salt and freshly ground black pepper.
11 Take 1 pinch of ground nutmeg (optional).
12 Take of butter for sautéing the onions and herbs and the greasing of the.
13 Approximately 2 1/2 tbsp of plain flour for dusting the baking tin.
14 Approximately 1/2 of small crisp apple per person, cored and sliced and a little.

Sig's German Bagel and Bretzel Stuffing cooking guidances

< td>Mix well together making sure that it a not to dry. It should be similar to normal stuffing mix, add the very finely chopped apple pieces..

Step 1 Use old bagels/bretzels (remove salt crystals from bretzels, if you bought salted ones) from the day before or leave them out to dry a little the night before. Cut all the breads into small cubes on the day of using them..
Step 2 Melt some butter and sauté chopped onions garlic, sage and parsley set aside to cool.
Step 3 Simmer the milk and pour it over the Bagel chunks, leave to stand for an hour or so.
Step 4
Step 5 Separate the egg yolk and egg white, add the yolks to the butter herb mix then add this to the Bagel that is soaked. Season with salt and pepper and a hint of nutmeg if you like.
Step 6 Preheat oven you 175 °C.
Step 7 Gently whisk the egg whites with a small pinch of salt and lift them under the mix.
Step 8 You can either butter and dust with flour a medium to large bundt tin or gugelhupfform or use separate smaller serving tins like mini gugelhupf to spread the mix into bake if using a larger form for about 45 to 50 minutes or if using the small separate ones until set and golden brown.
Step 9 If you want to use a different tin or ovenproof dish to bake your stuffing, you may have to adjust the cooking time, make sure that it cooked evenly through on all sides all the way as you would with a skewer just the same, just like you would with a cake..
Step 10 Core and cut an apple in halve so that it can serve two people, slice each half thinly and put into a small dish with a little butter and saute/roast in oven or pan for about 10 minutes or so.. Serve as a side to the stuffing..
Step 11 Insert a needle or skewer to test if it comes out clean. If it does the stuffing is cooked. If it does, turn over the tin and serve hot with the apples and the main meal..
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