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Lets Prepare My Roast Lamb Salad. 😁

My Roast Lamb Salad. 😁. . I will give you simple recipe to make My Roast Lamb Salad. 😁 for my family.

My Roast Lamb Salad. 😁

My Roast Lamb Salad. 😁

You can have My Roast Lamb Salad. 😁 by following 10 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you can simply prepate it.

Ingredients of My Roast Lamb Salad. 😁

1 You need of Some Roasted Lamb (warm).
2 Prepare 1 Handful of Spinach.
3 It’s 4 of Cherry Tomatoes.
4 About of Some Rocket Lettuce.
5 About 6 of Thin sliced Cucumber.
6 You need 1/2 of Avocado dliced.
7 Approximately 1/2 of stem of Celery chopped.
8 About of Salt and Black Pepper.
9 Take 1 of Squirt of Lemon juice.
10 It’s 3 tbls of Yogurt & Mint dressing.
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My Roast Lamb Salad. 😁 cooking guidances

Step 1 In a serving bowl add the spinach cucumber and tomatoes. Next the Celery and Avocado..
Step 2 Add red onion sliced, sliced Avocado, then add the warm Lamb cut into bite size pieces. Add a squit of lemon juice and some Rocket lettuce..
Step 3 Lastly add some Yogurt and mint. Make the dressing yourself or out of a bottle..
Step 4 Serve while the lamb is warm..

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