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Lets Make Delicious Extra Crispy Roasties 👌

Extra Crispy Roasties 👌. . I will give you simple recipe to make Extra Crispy Roasties 👌 for my daughter.

Extra Crispy Roasties 👌

Extra Crispy Roasties 👌

You can simply cook Extra Crispy Roasties 👌 in 3 ingredients and only 4 steps. Here is how you can easily make that.

Ingredients of Extra Crispy Roasties 👌

1 Approximately of Roasting potatoes.
2 You need of Olive oil.
3 You need of Salt and pepper.

Extra Crispy Roasties 👌 cooking instructions

Step 1 Peel and cut your potatoes into evenly sized chunks then par boil them for 20-25 minutes until nearly tender..
Step 2 Drain the water off and sit the sieve on top of the hit pan to allow the potatoes to steam dry a little bit..
Step 3 Heat your baking tray in the oven at 190 C then pour in a thin layer of olive oil. Tip your potatoes carefully into the tray and turn them over in the oil with some tongs..
Step 4 Season with pepper then roast for 50 mins turning occasionally. When they look nearly done, carefully squash each potato with a masher. Then put them back in the oven for ten minutes. Season with salt before serving 😋.
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