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Lets Prepare Tasty Sunday Roast and everything

Sunday Roast and everything. . I will guide you to make Sunday Roast and its not that hard, really :).

Sunday Roast and everything

Sunday Roast and everything

You can easily cook Sunday Roast and everything by following 13 ingredients and 23 steps. Here is how you can easily make it.

Ingredients of Sunday Roast and everything

1 It’s 1750-2000 g of (butcher bought not supermarket).
2 Take 6 of carrots.
3 Prepare 2 of large mushrooms.
4 Take 2 of small onions.
5 You need 10 of white potatoes (or as many as you like).
6 Approximately 1 of small broccoli.
7 Take 1 of small cauliflower.
8 Approximately of Vegetable oil.
9 It’s of Cheese Sauce.
10 It’s 1 tablespoon of plain flour.
11 Take 1 of chunk of butter.
12 About 1 of load of grated cheese.
13 You need of Milk (depends how much sauce you want as to how much milk needed.

Sunday Roast and everything cooking instructions

Step 1 Place your in a large pot..
Step 2 Fill pot with cold water ensuring as much of meat is covered as you can. It didn't have to fully submerged..
Step 3 Heat the water to bring it to a simmer (NOT BOIL) and allow the meat to simmer for 1 hour..
Step 4 Whilst your is simmering. Prepare your vegetables. Roughly chop the small onions, large mushrooms, carrots or whatever other vegetables you'd like. You can mix in lots here so take your pick. Put aside. Nothing needs to be cooked until you go to the next meat stage. This is all prep..
Step 5 Next chop your white potatoes. Depending on if you like big or small roasties, cut them as you like 🙂 place them in some water and add 1 teaspoon of baking soda and a good pinch of table salt..
Step 6 Any other veg you have, go ahead and prep it now..
Step 7 Just before your hour simmer is up, fire the oven up. 200 degrees..
Step 8 Take the meat from your pot and put in an oven proof dish. Heat at 200 for 1 hour..
Step 9 Parboil your potatoes and carrots with salt and bicarbonate. 10 mins..
Step 10 Once boiled add to separate cooking tins/trays and put into ovens at 200. At 200 you will take longer than 220 but you can turn up at end once you take meat out..
Step 11 Now you should have meat, potatoes and veg all in oven roasting. If you have a split oven is better as you can raise the temp of the veg and cook shorter and crisper. That's not an issue if not. You just need to use your eyes and touch to have it just like you like.
Step 12 Keep an eye on the veg and turn periodically. Whilst the oven is at work let's prepare the cheese for the sauce.
Step 13 Great a load of your favourite type of cheddar cheese.. put to side. We'll use this when we take the meat out to rest and cook the Yorkshire puddings.
Step 14 Get a small pan and a tablespoon of butter in. Heat it up gently till it starts to melt. I'm putting this on the cauliflower and broccoli. If you want less sauce use less flour and less butter..
Step 15 Add a tablespoon of flour or however much it takes to soak the butter..
Step 16 Add the milk.. again you see this start to thicken so just add milk as you go along.. I put this in and heat it up.. It thickens fairly suddenly so I add a little more. DO NOT PUT TOO MUCH IN THO else it will be too wet..
Step 17 Add a load of cheese and mix in till you have the amount you need..
Step 18 It should be smooth so make sure you don't have any blobs of flour ;).
Step 19 Take your boiled broccoli and cauliflower and put in large dish..
Step 20 Pour on the cheese sauce and add back into oven.
Step 21 Your meat should be out now. Put it to rest..
Step 22 Take out your veg.. cauliflower cheese and check all as you like..
Step 23 Get some gravy.. I'm lazy so it's bisto tonight…Serve it all up and enjoy with a nice red.
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