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Lets Prepare Potato pie (english styl)

Potato pie (english styl). Learn about pie english sweet potato with free interactive flashcards. pie english sweet potato. Home made meat & potato pie,my fist real attempt as I made a little one yesterday just to try it first,I added some herbs garlic salt(it's not strong it's. An English-style pub pie is made with red , carrots, potatoes, and spices.. This is my secret recipe to make Potato pie (english styl) for my husband.

Potato pie (english styl)

Potato pie (english styl)

Potato Pie is one of his favourite meals. He adores potatoes in any way shape or form, but mashed is his absolute favourite! Buttery, golden brown on top, meltingly cheese inside, atop a base of crunchy buttery bread crumbs. You can simply prepare Potato pie (english styl) by following 12 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you can simply cook it.

Ingredients of Potato pie (english styl)

1 It’s Half of kg good Potatoes.
2 Approximately 300 g of halal Mince meat.
3 Approximately 6 handfuls of Mixed veggs:see pics.
4 Approximately of Butter about 50 grams(for pototoes mash).
5 About of Cooking oil.
6 Prepare 3 tbspn of milk.
7 Take of Spices.salt, garlic litle,ginger,tumeric,curry powder,zaatar,.
8 Prepare of Red onions 2 medium.
9 Take 1 of Canned tomatoes.
10 Take handful of Celery florets.
11 About handful of Corriander.
12 Take 1 pack of good cheese slices.

Drain the potatoes and add the milk, butter, salt & pepper to taste. Mash very well with a potato masher or using a hand-held mixer. Mash/mix until there are no lumps left. The mashed potato should be smooth but fairly firm and not too soft.

Potato pie (english styl) cooking instructions

Step 1 The inside of Potatoes Wasn't set as how ad like.didn't Pakua well..but did set nicely next day,after fridge mashaallah.
Step 2 Ingredients:potato,mince meat.mixed frozen veg or choped up fresh veg such as green beans, peas,cauliflower,pepper(optional),broccoli(optional),celery(optional),red onions,spices,butter,cooking oil,can tomatoes,pure cheese slices.
Step 3 Marinate the mince.(ginger, little garlic,salt,tumeric,corri powder)set aside.prep the veggies.also can start on the sauce.put tomato can in blender.then in pan wiv some oil and some spices.simmer about 10 mins.
Step 4 After sauce has reduced.can start on Browning the mince.just put in pan without adding water as it will giv own water and let it be t
ender.not overcooked…can break with hands.
Step 5 Can add the veggies in the sauce.at this point the sauce is not too thick or thin..
Step 6 Prep the potatoes:boil in pan of boiling water covering up the potatoes as much as possible.boil until potato peels off.may take 10 -15 mins if potatoes are small/starchy are nice.and knife can go in easily thru centre.and then turn of.
Step 7 Kidz r [email protected]!:let kids involve in the peeling and mushing the potatos!then add butter a very little milk (just to combine to form the mash)and some salt..
Step 8 Start layering..Start with some tomato sauce…a thin layer.then the mince then pototoe then cheese then repeat one more cycle…later at top photos layer make some fork lines..Add the cheese slices and top up with some celery florets or corriander and some peppers too.oven it until cheese browning bubbling nicely..bismillah enjoy!.
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Heat up the oil in a large. This is a list of pies, tarts and flans. A pie is a baked or fried dish which is usually made of a pastry dough casing that covers or completely contains a filling of various sweet or savory ingredients. Sweet potato pies typically don't brown as much as pumpkin pies, so don't concern yourself with the appearance of the filling. Poke a toothpick into the center; when the toothpick comes out clean, the filling is done.

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