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Ready to Serve Mince Pies Pastry Recipe Vegan friendly

Mince Pies Pastry Recipe Vegan friendly. Mince pies with homemade mincemeat and pastry. Add a grating of orange zest to your pastry for a unique flavour. Transfer to a wire rack to cool and then turn the mince pies out and serve.. I will guide you to make Mince Pies Pastry Recipe Vegan friendly for my friends.

Mince Pies Pastry Recipe Vegan friendly

Mince Pies Pastry Recipe Vegan friendly

A lighter take on traditional mince pies from French baker Richard Bertinet. My only complaint is that they are often made with too much pastry in relation to the filling, so one Christmas I experimented with covering the pies instead with frangipane (almond cream) flavoured with rum and topped with flaked. Follow our simple pastry recipe to make delicious Mince Pie Pinwheels that are full of flavour! You can easily cook Mince Pies Pastry Recipe Vegan friendly by following 8 ingredients and only 12 steps. Here is how you can easily prepate it.

Ingredients of Mince Pies Pastry Recipe Vegan friendly

1 About 170 grams of plain flour.
2 It’s 100 grams of cold butter cubed.
3 You need 1 tbsp of caster sugar.
4 Take 1 of egg yolk.
5 Approximately 1 tbsp of butter for greasing the.
6 Prepare of Sprinkling of caster sugar for the topping.
7 About 1 of egg beaten for brushing the pastry.
8 You need 1 tbsp of cold water.

Visit Jus-Rol to browse our pastry products. Try this delicious mince pie pinwheels recipe for a tasty treat. The very best mince pies have pastry so fragile that it collapses in the palm of your hand, and a stuffing so hot you have to jiggle it round your There is only a matter of pence between a good mince pie and a bad one. I make a very short pastry, so full of butter it takes a gentle hand to pick it up.

Mince Pies Pastry Recipe Vegan friendly cooking step by step

Step 1 Place your oven on to 170 degrees. In a bowl sift the flour and add the butter..
Step 2 With you hands rub together the pastry so it becomes fine crumbs..
Step 3 Now add the butter, egg yolk and water..
Step 4 Using a fork or a palate knife bring the mixture together. On a floured surface place the dough on it..
Step 5 With your hands quickly bring it altogether, if you have hot hands it helps to cool them first under a tap of cold water. Then wrap with cling film and place in the fridge for 10 minutes or so..
Step 6 Take a quarter off from the dough ball and set aside..
Step 7 Making sure your work surface is lightly dusted, carefully roll out the dough! It needs to be about half a centimetre thick..
Step 8 Now in a baking mould tray, or foil moulds as here, rub lightly a small amount of butter to the mould so they don’t stick. Choose a cutter which just fits, carefully place in..
Step 9 Now add a tablespoon of the mince meat mixture do not over fill them..
Step 10 Be creative roll out the remaining pastry for The lids and place on top..
Step 11 Beat an egg and brush over the top of the pies. Then sprinkle with caster sugar. Place in the oven for 20 to 25 mins until golden..
Step 12 Lift out of the oven, leave to cool..
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Click for the easy step by step picture recipe & you'll never look back! (For a printer friendly version, see the recipe card at the end of this post). The best mince pies are these frangipane Mince Pies with easy homemade pastry – serve warm or cold for a delicious traditional Christmas snack. Lots of pictures and very few words today – I have my hands and mouth full of frangipane mince pies. I was feeling a little rustic and old-school when I. Come and try our delicious recipe for mince pies with orange pastry.

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