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Ready to Serve My Tomato & Black Pudding Muffin πŸ™„

My Tomato & Black Pudding Muffin πŸ™„. Tomato Pasta is a quintessential example of how to make a quick pasta dish that's totally This is a quick pasta that's made with a tomato pasta sauce and . It's a great way to turn some. You can put this sweet and savory tomato and spread on just about anything.. Its easy to make My Tomato & Black Pudding Muffin πŸ™„ for my son.

My Tomato & Black Pudding Muffin πŸ™„

My Tomato & Black Pudding Muffin πŸ™„

Tomato Quiche with lots of fresh basil. One to enjoy now and another to freeze and savor After all, it has: – It just can't be a BLT without it. Tomatoes help tooβ€”as do sliced green onions and melted cheddar cheese. You can simply prepare My Tomato & Black Pudding Muffin πŸ™„ in 5 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you can easily prepate it.

Ingredients of My Tomato & Black Pudding Muffin πŸ™„

1 Prepare 1 of Muffin cut across the middle and Toasted.
2 About 1 slice of Beef Tomato.
3 Approximately 1 Slice of .
4 It’s 1 slice of Black pudding.
5 Approximately 1 tbls of Hollandaise Sauce.
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You know what makes any frittata better? Wake up to perfectly baked English muffins topped with melted cheese, and seasoned tomato, for a delicious and easy to make. With tomato, and cabbage, you can have this side dish cooked up in only minutes! This post may contain affiliate links.

My Tomato & Black Pudding Muffin πŸ™„ cooking instructions

Step 1 Toast the two halves of the Muffin. Then add the and black pudding under the grill..
Step 2 Butter the muffins then slice a thick slice of A Beef Tomato add it to the bottom bun. Next the slice of fold in half. Then the black pudding on top..
Step 3 Add a little salt and pepper then the Hollandaise Sauce then add the top muffin..

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