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Ready to Serve Mini Apple pie 🍎

Mini Apple pie 🍎. . Its not hard to make Mini Apple pie 🍎 for my son.

Mini Apple pie 🍎

Mini Apple pie 🍎

You can simply cook Mini Apple pie 🍎 by following 5 ingredients and just 7 steps. Here is how you can easily cook that.

Ingredients of Mini Apple pie 🍎

1 Approximately 4 of apples.
2 About 100 ml of water.
3 Take 100 g of sugar.
4 About 1/2 of lime.
5 About of JUS-ROL puff pastry.

Mini Apple pie 🍎 cooking instructions

Step 1 Peal off the skin and cut the apples into small pieces. You can have some skins left on πŸ‘.
Step 2 Add in water, sugar, and squeeze of lime juice and boil in low heat.
Step 3 Stir occasionally until the apple is soft. If you want more sweetness, adjust with sugar as you go. Cool it off in a separate container and you can keep it in the fridge for about a week or so!.
Step 4 I used JUS-ROL puff pastry. Put some flour so it doesn’t stick and spread it with a rolling pin..
Step 5 Cut it into rectangular shapes. Poke some holes with a fork on the base and put some cut through the top just like in the picture. Place the apple sauce you made..
Step 6 Put the lid on and close it by using the back of a fork.
Step 7 Put it in the oven (200℃) for 20-25 min and you have a crispy apple pie!.
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