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Lets Prepare BBQ Pie

BBQ Pie. Cut up an left over BBQ meat into equal sizes. Layer the pastry onto the bbq grate. BBQ Chicken Cornbread Pie is dangerously addicting!. Its not hard to make BBQ Pie for my friends.



This pie was so epic that I had to move it up on. EpicMealTime makes a pie filled with an assortment of different meats. Turkey, sausage, , steaks, and, of course, . You can simply prepare BBQ Pie in 8 ingredients and just 8 steps. Here is how you can simply cook it.

Ingredients of BBQ Pie

1 It’s 2 of layers of Pie pastry.
2 You need of Left over BBQ meat.
3 Approximately 1 of chopped onion.
4 Approximately 200 g of Chopped mushrooms.
5 Prepare Cup of grated cheese.
6 Prepare of BBQ seasoning.
7 You need 1 of fresh egg beaten.
8 Take of BBQ basket.

BBQ Pie – one of my quick & easy go-to meals. Creamy leek, pesto & squash pie. Natural features you'll find at Palms to Pines: Camp & BBQ + Pie! in California. I love pie and I love BBQ food but.

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BBQ Pie cooking instructions

Step 1 Sauté your onions and mushrooms..
Step 2 Cut up an left over BBQ meat into equal sizes..
Step 3 Layer the pastry onto the bbq grate..
Step 4 Layer the meat, Onions and mushroom onto it..
Step 5 Add the grated cheese to the top of this and sprinkle the BBQ seasoning on..
Step 6 Add the top layer of pastry and seal around the sides..
Step 7 Brush the pastry with your beaten egg mix..
Step 8 Add to a pre heated BBQ of 200c for around 20 Minutes or until golden and crispy. Or you can cook directly over the fire at a medium low heat turning it over to cook evenly👍.

Im sorry i cant choose any of them.because The real King of i like eating pie.not neccessarily apple pie hehehe.and BBQ chicken generally has pink meat. Learn how to make this stand out beef bourguignon pie with Tesco Real Food. This traditional French casserole dish is a hearty meal for the whole family. Epic Meal Time makes an American Pie! Filled with some BBQ Sauze, Meats, and , not to mention the finest liquors.

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