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Lets Make Delicious Sig's crunchy sausage rolls

Sig's crunchy sausage rolls. These homemade sausage rolls, with golden pastry, succulent and a crunchy coating of sesame and poppy seeds, will be a hit with everyone. Brush the edge with the beaten egg, then fold the pastry over the sausage filling and press to seal the edge. Crimp using your fingers or press down.. Its not hard to make Sig's crunchy sausage rolls for my daughter.

Sig's crunchy sausage rolls

Sig's crunchy sausage rolls

These sausage rolls taste best hot from the oven. When they cool the crust will soften and won't be crunchy. Sausage Rolls are a must-have for potlucks, Game Day parties, and holiday gatherings. You can simply cook Sig's crunchy sausage rolls in 4 ingredients and only 3 steps. Here is how you can simply prepate it.

Ingredients of Sig's crunchy sausage rolls

1 Take 1 sheet of homemade or ready made puff pastry.
2 It’s 500 grams of waggoo raw sausages.
3 Prepare 1 packet of scratchings.
4 Prepare 1 packet of streaky smoked .

Made with pizza dough and fresh sausages, they're like grown-up pigs in a blanket! A sausage roll is a savoury pastry snack, popular in Commonwealth nations. They are sold at retail outlets and are also available from bakeries as a take-away food. A miniature version can be served as buffet or party food.

Sig's crunchy sausage rolls cooking step by step

Step 1 Preheat the oven to 190 C. Remove the scratchings from the bag, put them int a plastic bag and smash them into small pieces with a rolling pin or such. Unroll the pastry other or roll out your pastry and sprinkle it with the scratchings. Roll out into a smooth sheet again. Cut in to two halves..
Step 2 Remove sausage meat from skin. Form into two long rolls, lay first roll along one half of pastry, roll up, then do same with other half of pastry. Cut both halves into evenly sized sausage rolls. Cut into thin long strips and cross tie to make little parcels. Cook on middle shelf in oven, bake until golden brown and the pastry is cooked and the is crispy. Make sure that the bottoms are not soft. they should be crisp too..
Step 3 .
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Upgrade your sausage roll recipe with soft leeks, zesty cranberry sauce & crunchy nigella seeds. Find more Christmas party food ideas at Tesco Real Food. Divide the sausage mixture in two and then, using a little flour to help, roll each into a sausage shape the same length as the pastry. The traditional British sausage roll is so quick and easy to make, plus it is the perfect snack or party food and can be served hot or cold. Sausage rolls are a staple of both British and Irish food.

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