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Easy to Cook Sourdough pie crust

Sourdough pie crust. Sourdough Pie Crust, where have you been all my life? This pie crust is tender, flaky and tastes amazing. This just might become your go-to pie crust recipe.. Its not hard to make Sourdough pie crust for my son.

Sourdough pie crust

Sourdough pie crust

I could get it into the pie plate in The sour apple pie seemed like a good match for this flavorful crust. The Pumpkin pie was a bit. This flaky all butter sourdough pie crust will take your Thanksgiving and Christmas pies to the next level. You can have Sourdough pie crust in 5 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you can simply do it.

Ingredients of Sourdough pie crust

1 Take 250 g of flour of choice.
2 It’s 1 tb of salt.
3 It’s 1 tb of sugar (optional).
4 It’s 130 g of butter.
5 Prepare 130 g of sourdough starter.

If you prefer savory pies and tarts, this recipe makes an amazing sourdough quiche crust or. Pie crust, flaky, rich, and delicious, gets a nutritional boost through the wonder of the sourdough fermentation process. This pie crust will turn your favorite dessert into something your friends and. Sourdough Pie Crust is made with discard sourdough starter and butter.

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Sourdough pie crust cooking step by step

Step 1 Add flour, salt and sugar to a bowl and incorporate the butter (cold). A food processor might be easier to use to mix the ingredients..
Step 2 Add the starter and mix well. Rest in fridge for aprox 7 hours before use..

Use up your excess sourdough starter in this recipe for. This sourdough pie crust has a long fermented dough for health, and is super flaky and a tiny bit tangy. I am continually amazed by the vast array of things you can make with sourdough. This recipe for easy pie crust uses sourdough starter and gives you a recipe for a starter if you can't find one. The starter recipe is one I modified from an existing recipe I found.

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