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Ready to Serve Sausage roll

Sausage roll. A sausage roll is a savoury pastry snack, popular in Commonwealth nations. They are sold at retail outlets and are also available from bakeries as a take-away food. A miniature version can be served as buffet or party food.. I always use this special recipe to serve Sausage roll for my daughter.

Sausage roll

Sausage roll

Sausage rolls are Australia's answer to America's Pigs in a Blanket – but (I'm going to say it!!) So much better!!! A juicy homemade sausage mixture wrapped in puff pastry. Can anyone resist a sausage roll? You can have Sausage roll by following 6 ingredients and just 5 steps. Here is how you can easily do it.

Ingredients of Sausage roll

1 Approximately 300 g of sausage meat.
2 It’s 2 slices of frozen bread.
3 Take 1 of kids apple.
4 You need 1 of large onion.
5 Approximately of sage.
6 It’s 1 tsp of chilli powder.

No, not those cold, greasy supermarket sausage rolls. a real homemade sausage roll that's warm and buttery and has a quality filling. Welcome to the Sausage Roll YouTube page. Here you will find news, reviews, and other curated content as well as small trending news clips and trailers from. Our sausage roll recipes make the perfect party canapé and we even have a dinner party centrepiece.

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Sausage roll cooking guidances

Step 1 Finely chop onion, sage and apple. Prepare bread crumbs out of frozen bread by using blender..
Step 2 Sauté onion and apple until caramelized.
Step 3 Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Cut one pie sheet in 8 peaces. Then make rolls..
Step 4 Place it in top of the oven, 200°c/20mins until meat is sizzling..
Step 5 Please serve with any spicy chutney. I served it with spicy peach chutney..

Sausage rolls make a great picnic or buffet snack and are delicious either hot or cold. Sausage Rolls are a must-have for potlucks, Game Day parties, and holiday gatherings. Made with pizza dough and fresh sausages, they're like grown-up pigs in a blanket! Sausage rolls are classic pub food for a reason. These flaky pastries stuffed with spiced sausage bake up golden brown and are delicious.

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