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Lets Make Delicious Chicken Curry Pies

Chicken Curry Pies. Put the marinated chicken and the curry paste in a large, heavy based pan, and mix to combine. You can make this as spicy as you would like and use homemade or store bought pie dough. Tender morsels of chicken breast are simmered in a fragrant combination of Bengali flavors including turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves.. Today we will prepare Chicken Curry Pies for my daughter.

Chicken Curry Pies

Chicken Curry Pies

A curry pie is a pastry dish. It is a traditional pie filled with either Indian or Chinese curry. Curry pie is a popular pub meal in the United Kingdom and can also be purchased frozen from supermarkets and as a ready to eat meal from take-aways. You can simply prepare Chicken Curry Pies in 17 ingredients and just 9 steps. Here is how you can simply prepate it.

Ingredients of Chicken Curry Pies

1 Prepare of Chicken broth.
2 It’s 2 stalks of celery.
3 It’s 1 of carrot.
4 Prepare 1 of onion.
5 It’s cube of Stock.
6 About 2 of chicken breasts.
7 Take 1 of egg yolk.
8 Take of Pie Filling.
9 About 75 g of bits.
10 Take 2 of leeks.
11 Prepare of Mixed fresh herbs fresh rosemary, thyme, marjoram).
12 You need 2 tbsp of curry powder.
13 It’s 2 tbsp of flour.
14 Take 2 cups of coconut milk.
15 Take of Pie Crust.
16 About of Puff pastry.
17 You need of Egg yolk.

Curry pie is sometimes accompanied by chips. Toss the browned vegetables and the chicken. Click one to add it. chicken. curry. pies. bake. Brush the top of each pie with remaining egg.

Chicken Curry Pies cooking guidances

Step 1 Place washed and peeled onion, carrot and celery stalks in a large saucepan. Cover with 6 cups of water. Add stock cube. Bring to the
Step 2 Add the chicken breasts and allow to simmer until chicken is cooked. This should take about 30 minutes depending on how big your chicken breasts are Once cooked allow to cool. Separate broth, keep veg and chicken.
Step 3 Heat oil in a frying pan. Add the cleaned and finely sliced leeks together with bits Sauté for about 5 minutes until the leeks are tender..
Step 4 Add the chopped mixed herbs, the curry and gluten free flour and stir over low heat for 1 minute..
Step 5 Gradually add the coconut milk, stirring until mixture is smooth. Stir constantly over medium heat until sauce boils and thickens. Remove from heat..
Step 6 Chop or pull apart the previously poached chicken breasts and add it to the sauce mixture, season to taste; stir gently until combined and allow to cool slightly..
Step 7 For pie with a Pastry bottom, line the pie dish with pastry and cook at 220 for 10 minutes first. Poke holes in the base before putting in oven to prevent rising..
Step 8 Once cooled spoon the mixture into a baking dish. Brush edge of pastry dish with beaten egg yolk. Top with puff pastry, crimp down the edge to seal using your fingers or by using a fork; trim and brush the top with the remaining egg yolk. Decorate with any pastry trimmings if you desire and cut 3 slits in the centre of the pie to allow the steam to exit during baking..
Step 9 Bake in a moderately hot oven (220°C/430°F) for 10 minutes then lower heat to moderate (180°C/350°F) and cook a further 20 minutes. Should the pastry begin to brown too quickly cover with a sheet of foil..
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There is only one word to describe this pie and it is delicious. I came across this recipe for chicken and vegetable pie on the internet, i made a few alterations and my family and friends absolutely loved it. This is a delicious Thai style chicken pie. I always get complements and people can't believe they are home made. This recipe is for individual pies but you can make family pies or even appetiser size.

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