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Lets Prepare Swiss roll cake (English version)

Swiss roll cake (English version). This cake roll required more testing than usual because I was SO torn between using butter vs oil, cocoa powder vs melted chocolate, as well as the perfect amount of These basic ingredients wear very important hats in this Swiss roll cake recipe. Unless where noted, avoid making substitutions. Place one cake layer on a serving platter.. Its not hard to make Swiss roll cake (English version) for my friends.

Swiss roll cake (English version)

Swiss roll cake (English version)

First is making the cake and second is making lemon curd which is packed inside the cake roll. Both steps are well defined with pictorial steps in Urdu and English. Swiss cake is actually an evening snack for kids. You can simply cook Swiss roll cake (English version) in 2 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you can easily prepate that.

Ingredients of Swiss roll cake (English version)

1 Take of Ingredients : 6 medium size egg yolks 60grams milk 60grams oil 1/2teaspoon salt.
2 Prepare 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence/vanilla powder or vanilla extract 120 grams plain flour or self raising flour 6 medium size egg whites White vinegar 120grams fine sugar 1/2teaspoon baking powder.

They love it's aroma, it's good taste and. Swiss Roll Cake is a type of sponge cake, made up of egg, flour and sugar. It is great for tea time or as a dessert. Take out the baking tray from fridge and remove the pattern sheet. keep the parchment paper back to the tray.

Swiss roll cake (English version) cooking step by step

Step 1 Remove your egg white and keep it separately from the egg yolk Add your vegetable oil into your egg yolk, Beat with your egg yolk and oil very well Add your plain flour Beat well and set aside.
Step 2 Mix your egg white and egg yolk together and beat until it becomes smooth then pour it into the baking pan Put it in the oven and make sure you check by placing your hand in the middle of the cake to know if it's done after 20minutes Your cake is now ready.
Step 3 Remove your pachment paper/baking paper…. Use a different pachment/ baking paper and roll your cake carefully Put your cake in the fridge for 30 minutes before bringing it out.Note:the reason why you are meant to keep your cake in the fridge is to maintain the shape of the cake Finally bring it out and cut it gently You can decorate your plate with caramel syrup,fruits just like I used pomegranate (ruman in hausa).
Step 4 And here comes your Swiss roll..
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Now pour the swiss roll cake batter over the parchment paper and spread it. One year, I suggested making Martha Stewart's Buche de Noel (also known a Yule Log) complete with chocolate that looks like the bark of a. Swiss roll [English] or Jelly roll [American] or Roulade [French] is basically a sponge cake which is baked in a sheet pan and then filled with jams, frosting etc. The tricky part lies in rolling the cake perfectly and making sure that it doesn't crack. When I made it the first time, the cake tore apart.

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