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Lets Prepare Tasty Mike's EZ Italian English Muffins

Mike's EZ Italian English Muffins. . Its easy to make Mike's EZ Italian English Muffins for my daughter.

Mike's EZ Italian English Muffins

Mike's EZ Italian English Muffins

You can easily cook Mike's EZ Italian English Muffins by following 15 ingredients and only 5 steps. Here is how you can simply do that.

Ingredients of Mike's EZ Italian English Muffins

1 You need of Italian English Muffins.
2 Approximately of English Muffins [split].
3 You need of Fresh Eggs.
4 Approximately of Cherub Tomatoes.
5 It’s of Butter.
6 About of Cheeses.
7 You need of Parmesan Cheese.
8 Approximately of Motzerella Cheese.
9 Take of Feta Cheese.
10 You need of Herbs & Seasonings.
11 It’s of Fresh Or Dried Parsley.
12 Take of Fresh Ground Black Pepper.
13 About of Italian Seasoning.
14 Prepare of Fresh Basil.
15 Prepare of Sea Salt.

Mike's EZ Italian English Muffins cooking guidances

Step 1 Items you'll need..
Step 2 ° Toast English Muffins and butter them. Using a small mouth glass, press hard in the center of the muffin and make a hole. ° You can serve those toasted buttered rounds you pressed to the side for dipping in yolks – if you're not necessarily concerned with carbs..
Step 3 Place muffin ring in a heated non sick pan lightly sprayed with oil. Crack egg in center and place something heavy atop your muffin if needed. This will prevent your raw eggs from seeping out underneath your toasted muffin. Or, just press down on it until your egg whites slightly set up..
Step 4 ° Sprinkle to taste: Sea salt, fresh ground black pepper, Italian Seasoning and which ever cheeses your guests prefer. ° Cover your muffin with a tight fitting lid until egg is cooked to your liking. You won't be flipping these. ° I typically use a smaller frying pan with tight lid when making these. ° Garnish with Parsley and Basil..
Step 5 Serve immediately! Enjoy!.
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