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Lets Prepare My Sausage Boat

My Sausage Boat. . Today we will prepare My Sausage Boat for my daughter.

My Sausage Boat

My Sausage Boat

You can simply prepare My Sausage Boat in 6 ingredients and only 9 steps. Here is how you can simply make it.

Ingredients of My Sausage Boat

1 Take 12 of Big sausages.
2 About 5 large of Potatoes.
3 Approximately 150 grams of Grated Chedder Cheese.
4 Prepare 1 large of Onion.
5 Take to taste of Salt & Pepper.
6 It’s 1 tbsp of Butter.

My Sausage Boat cooking instructions

Step 1 Boil the potatoes.
Step 2 Cook the sausage.
Step 3 Grate the cheese & chop onion small.
Step 4 You can fry for the onion until soft . Or use onion uncooked, whatever your preference..
Step 5 When potatoes have boiled strain and mash with butter . Not too much as you dont want the mash sloppy needs to be firm.Then put in an oval shape or oblong oven dish. Mash should be 2 inch high enough to stand the sausage in..
Step 6 When sausage are cooked stand them upright in the mash potatoes..
Step 7 Sprinkle onions all over the sausage and mash, then sprinkle the grated cheese all over try to get it on the sausages..
Step 8 If its cold put it in the oven on gas 7 or 180°C to warm it and melt the cheese.. or pop it in microwave for 5 mins. Great to prepare earlier and warm when needed..
Step 9 Sprinkle salt & pepper and serve, you can garnish it with tomatoes halved around the sides..
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