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Lets Prepare My Battered Smokey Bubble & Squeak

My Battered Smokey Bubble & Squeak. . This is my secret recipe to make My Battered Smokey Bubble & Squeak for my son.

My Battered Smokey Bubble & Squeak

My Battered Smokey Bubble & Squeak

You can easily cook My Battered Smokey Bubble & Squeak by following 4 ingredients and only 10 steps. Here is how you can easily make that.

Ingredients of My Battered Smokey Bubble & Squeak

1 You need 1 of Same ingredients as B & Squeak 1.
2 Prepare 200 grams of Smokey .
3 Approximately 1 1/2 liter of Batter mix.
4 Approximately 1 liter of Veg oil.

My Battered Smokey Bubble & Squeak cooking step by step

Step 1 Make up the Bubble and Squeek make about 1kg.
Step 2 Make your Batter..
Step 3 Add the Bubble and Squeak mix to the batter and mix well, until all covered in Batter..
Step 4 Grill the Smokey , chop up then add to the batter, mix and stir until all mixed well.
Step 5 In a flat bottomed saucepan or wok heat the oil until very hot, test with a bread crumb if it turns golden brown fast the oil is ready..
Step 6 With a slotted spoon pick up about a Tablespoon of the mixture and drop the blob gently in the oil you will have to do this 4 or 5 at a time.
Step 7 Drain them on kitchen paper until cooled..
Step 8 Let them bubble until they are golden brown and hot right will have to flick them over so as both sides are done about 3–4 minutes.
Step 9 Also wait a bit between each batch to let the oil heat up again, Put them on kitchen paper to drain off excess oil. You may have to add more oil half way through deep fring them..
Step 10 You can at this stage bag and freeze them when cooled. Or prepare them earlier and pop them into a hot oven to heat up and be crisp again when ready to eat..
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