my cooling chicken pasta salad 😀😉 recipe main photo

Ready to Serve My Cooling Chicken Pasta Salad 😀😉

My Cooling Chicken Pasta Salad 😀😉. . I will guide you to make My Cooling Chicken Pasta Salad 😀😉 for my friends.

My Cooling Chicken Pasta Salad 😀😉

My Cooling Chicken Pasta Salad 😀😉

You can easily cook My Cooling Chicken Pasta Salad 😀😉 in 16 ingredients and only 12 steps. Here is how you can simply cook that.

Ingredients of My Cooling Chicken Pasta Salad 😀😉

1 Prepare 3 handfuls of pasta.
2 You need 1 of Chicken bouloin or cube.
3 You need 2 of Chicken breasts.
4 Take pinch of Salt.
5 Prepare 1/2 tsp of Cracked black Pepper.
6 Prepare 1/4 head of Crispy Lettuce.
7 Prepare 6 of thick slices of Cucumber.
8 You need 8 of Cherry Tomatoes whole.
9 Take 1/2 of Red Onion.
10 It’s 1/4 cup of Mayonnaise or Sour cream.
11 Prepare 2 tsp of lime juice.
12 It’s 2 tbsp of Sweet Chilli.
13 You need 1/4 cup of Dried crispy bits.
14 Approximately 100 grams of Chedder Cheese grated.
15 You need 1/2 of Sweet pepper.
16 Prepare 2 tbsp of Olive oil.

My Cooling Chicken Pasta Salad 😀😉 cooking instructions

Step 1 Add the pasta to the water, add the chicken cube/boullion and stir. The pasta soaks up the flavour of the chicken/boullion cube..
Step 2 Add the oil to the pan, when hot add the cut the chicken breasts into cubes and fry until cooked but not brown. You have to keep turning it over and the juices will dry up. Take off heat and let it cool..
When cooked, add salt and pepper.
Step 4 Drain off the cooked pasta make sure its well drained. Add to a large bowl and cool ..
Step 5 Add the pasta to a large bowl to mix.
Step 6 Add the chinken chunks, into the pasta and stir gently to mix.
Step 7 Add the onion and mix, and the sweet pepper.
Step 8 Add the cucumber which is chopped into chunky pieces (small).
Step 9 Add tomatoes whole and mix, and the lettuce and mix all up..
Step 10 Add the sour cream or mayo into a cup and mix in, then add the chili and the lime. Mix well all together. Then add it to a serving bowl, deep but round and flat, or square so as to be able to take portions with the and cheese on top..
Step 11 Lastley add the crunchy dried bits and cheese..
Step 12 Serve when cooled.
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