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Easy to Cook Sig's German Pea Soup

Sig's German Pea Soup. . I always use this special recipe to serve Sig's German Pea Soup for my son.

Sig's German Pea Soup

Sig's German Pea Soup

You can have Sig's German Pea Soup in 16 ingredients and only 8 steps. Here is how you can easily cook it.

Ingredients of Sig's German Pea Soup

1 You need 2 of small smoked chops.
2 About 2 of best kielbasa sausages (they are the closest I can get to what I want).
3 Take 1/2 of small rack of ribs, meaty and fat (or a very small leg of bone in).
4 Approximately 3 of springonions.
5 Take 1 of large shallot.
6 Take 1 of small leek.
7 Approximately 2 of garlic cloves.
8 Prepare 1-2 of vegetable stock cube.
9 Prepare 500 ml of water.
10 It’s 4 cans of marrow fat peas, or dried, overnight soaked marrow fat peas.In total about 750 grams soaked weight.
11 It’s 500 grams of salad potatoes, ready cooked and cut into quarters or chunks.
12 About 4 of Hot dog sausages.
13 Take 2 slices of bread for croutons.
14 About 2 tbsp of rapeseed oil for toasting croutons.
15 Approximately 1/2 tsp of chervil for sprinkling over croutons.
16 It’s 4-5 drops of Maggi liquid seasoning.

Sig's German Pea Soup cooking guidances

Step 1 First chop the chops into small cubes or by ready chopped ones. Chop the spring onions, the shallots, the leek and the garlic into small cubes also. Put all into a small frying pan and cook until the is browned of,but the onions not burned..
Step 2 First brown your meat off (add extra if you feel that there is not enough meat) in a pan then in a pot with the water put the meat and kielbasa sausage, bring to boil then add all the fried ingredients and a stock cube or two depending on liking,.
Step 3 Boil until the meat is well cooked. Remove about half of the chop, onions and other bits (set aside)and the meat and kielbasa.Take the meat of the bone, and chop the kielbasa sausage, put them back in the pot.
Step 4 Now add the drained and rinsed peas and puree everything until you get a semi smooth soup, keep this to simmer on a low heat for about 15 minutes, make sure that I'd does not set to the bottom of the pan, if you need to add a little more water do so..
Step 5 Add your chopped potatoes and the set aside , onion and bigger bits and heat the through..
Step 6 In the meantime make your croutons, add a little oil into a hot pan ad your cubed bread sprinkle with seasoning if you like and or herbs, they should be nice and crispy but not burned.
Step 7 About ten minutes before serving add your hot dogs.
Step 8 Season with the maggi liquid seasoning then sprinkle the croutons over the cooked soup.
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