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Lets Prepare Tasty Battered Fish and Chips

Battered Fish and Chips. . Its easy to make Battered Fish and Chips for my family.

 Battered Fish and Chips

Battered Fish and Chips

You can have Battered Fish and Chips in 9 ingredients and only 14 steps. Here is how you can easily do that.

Ingredients of Battered Fish and Chips

1 It’s 6 of cod fillets (or haddock).
2 Take 5 of large potatoes.
3 Prepare 1 of egg white.
4 About 1 cup of flour.
5 It’s 1/2 can of , dark works great.
6 About 1 tsp of baking powder.
7 About 1 pint of vegetable oil.
8 Take 1 pinch of salt and pepper.
9 Take to taste of malt vinegar.

Battered Fish and Chips cooking step by step

Step 1 Sieve the flour into a large bowl..
Step 2 Crack the egg and separate out the yolk from the white..
Step 3 Briskly beat the egg white until aerated..
Step 4 Then add the baking powder, egg white and your 1/2 can of to the bowl of flour.
Step 5 And genltly mix until it has a creamy texture then set to one side..
Step 6 Wash your potatoes and roughly cut into chips.
Step 7 Bring the oil to a high heat and add the chips carefully. Cook for about 4 minutes then remove from the oil and lay on a paper towel..
Step 8 Next lay out your fish fillets and season well with salt and pepper..
Step 9 Now, gently dip your fish fillets into the batter mixture.
Step 10 Then allow the excess batter to run off.
Step 11 And gently lay the fish pieces into the hot oil..
Step 12 After about 4 minutes when the fish pieces are golden brown, gently remove them from the oil and lay on a paper towel..
Step 13 Put the chips back back in the hot oil for a minute or two if you need to, to crisp them up.
Step 14 For a bit of fun, serve the fish in a piece of newspaper and don't forget plenty of salt and malt vinegar!.
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