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Ready to Serve Brats 'n Cheddar Pies

Brats 'n Cheddar Pies. . I always use this special recipe to serve Brats 'n Cheddar Pies for my family.

Brats 'n Cheddar Pies

Brats 'n Cheddar Pies

You can easily cook Brats 'n Cheddar Pies by following 17 ingredients and just 7 steps. Here is how you can simply prepate that.

Ingredients of Brats 'n Cheddar Pies

1 Prepare of For the filling.
2 Approximately 4 of bratwurst sausages.
3 Take 2 of red peppers, finely chopped.
4 Prepare 1 of white onion, finely chopped.
5 It’s 1/2 (400 g) of can chopped plum tomatoes.
6 You need 150 g of mature Cheddar cheese, grated.
7 Approximately 1 teaspoon of garlic granules.
8 Take 1-2 tablespoons of English mustard powder.
9 It’s to taste of salt and pepper.
10 About of For the hot crust pastry.
11 Prepare 400 g of plain flour.
12 It’s 80 g of strong white plain flour.
13 About 80 g of unsalted butter.
14 Take 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt.
15 It’s 200 ml of boiling water.
16 It’s 100 g of , melted.
17 You need 1 of beaten egg for glazing.

Brats 'n Cheddar Pies cooking step by step

Step 1 Pre-heat your oven to 220 C / Gas 7. Have a 12 hole muffin or 8 pie tins ready (no need to grease it)..
Step 2 Cook your bratwursts. I grill mine but you can do them in the frying pan. Remove from the pan. Gently fry off the peppers and onions in a pan just to soften them and add the tomatoes. Put them into a large bowl an
d put to one side. Finely chop up the bratwurst and add them to the peppers, onions and tomatoes. Add the cheese into this mixture, stir in the garlic granules, mustard powder and season with salt and pepper. Put all this to one side until you are ready to fill your pies..
Step 3 To make the pastry, add both flours to a large bowl and rub in the butter. Add the salt to the boiling water so that it dissolves. Add the melted into the boiling water/salt and then pour this into the flour mixture. Initially, because it will be hot, mix this with a spoon so that the pastry starts to form. Once cool enough take the dough out of the bowl and transfer to a lightly floured surface. Work the dough into a ball..
Step 4 Roll it out to a thickness of around 1cm and then cut into circles of around 10cm, enough to fit each “well” of the muffin tin. Press these into the muffin tins and then cut out another 12 circles of around 8cm for the lids of the pies..
Step 5 Fill each pie case with around 2 to 3 tablespoons of the filling but be careful not to overfill, you don’t want it to burst through the lid during baking. Add your lids and crimp the edges to the body of the pies. Make a hole in the top of each pie to let steam escape during baking. Finally brush some of the beaten egg over the top of each pie so that you get that lovely golden finish when they are cooked..
Step 6 Pop them in the oven and bake for 50 minutes..
Step 7 Remove each pie from the muffin tin asap and transfer to wire tray for cooling..
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