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Lets Prepare Tasty Tony’s Burgers 🍔

Tony’s Burgers 🍔. . Its not hard to make Tony’s Burgers 🍔 for my friends.

Tony’s Burgers 🍔

Tony’s Burgers 🍔

You can simply prepare Tony’s Burgers 🍔 by following 20 ingredients and just 9 steps. Here is how you can easily cook it.

Ingredients of Tony’s Burgers 🍔

1 Prepare 500 grams of Minced Beef.
2 About 500 grams of Minced .
3 It’s of Fresh Oregano.
4 About of Fresh Basil.
5 You need of Fresh Rosemary.
6 About 1 of x Romani salad.
7 Take 9 of x cherry tomatoes.
8 About 1 of x Large Onion.
9 About 12 of x slices of Cucumber 🥒.
10 Take 6 of x Brioche Buns.
11 Prepare of Salt.
12 You need of Pepper.
13 Approximately 1 tablespoon of honey.
14 Approximately 1 teaspoon of sugar.
15 You need of Olive oil.
16 It’s of Butter.
17 Take of Alioli.
18 Approximately of Dijon mustard.
19 Take 3 of x Gurkins small.
20 Prepare of Sliced English Cheddar.

Tony’s Burgers 🍔 cooking step by step

Step 1 Finely chop oregano, Basil and 2 garlic cloves into a mixing bowl..
Step 2 Add Minced meat with salt and pepper and a small drizzle of olive oil and mix thoroughly..
Step 3 Then make your burger patties. I have a press so I can make each patty 150g each..
Step 4 Prepare burger Fillings. I like to shred the lettuce so it makes for easier eating!.
Step 5 Chop up the onion and add to a pot with one cup of water with one teaspoon of white sugar and a tablespoon of honey. Cook the onions until soft while mixing thoroughly.Then drain out the water and caramelize the onions a little..
Step 6 First butter the buns and place butter side down in a hot pan to toast the inside of the buns..
Step 7 Use the alioli and mustard mix onto the toasted buns. 3 parts alioli one part mustard. Then place the shredded lettuce with chopped gherkins on top..
Step 8 Place burger patties in the hot pan and cook turning evenly on each side and rosemary to the pan and add butter to baste. Once cooked place on a chopping board to rest for 1 minute and place your cheddar slice on top..
Step 9 Place sliced cucumber. Cherry tomatoes and sweet onions on top and finally place the alioli mustard mix on with the top of the bun..
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